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Pantone Colors for Your Wedding

Pantone colorsColors have always inspired us. They evoke feelings, provoke memories, and activate the imagination. The experts at the Pantone Color Institute have always understood the power of color, and their annual list of the trending Pantone colors is highly anticipated by designers, decorators – and yes, florists! As we prepare couples for their 2017 wedding ceremonies, these colors provide the inspiration they need to visualize the most beautiful florals and bouquets.

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Floral Details and Accents

floral details

There are thousands of decision, big and small, to be made before your wedding day.  However, it is often the smaller details or floral decisions that can make all the difference on your special day. There is no denying that the spotlight is on the bridal bouquets and altar decor, but by adding floral elements to other parts of the ceremony and reception, you will cover your entire day in beautiful color and design. Gordon Boswell Florist is Fort Worth’s premier wedding florist, and we look forward to helping you – from start to finish!
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Sophisticated Florals, Elegant Metallics


The usage of metallic wedding details is a popular trend that has been fashionable for some time.  From glittering accessories to towering vases, there are countless ways to incorporate metallics into your special day. You can trust the floral designers at Gordon Boswell not only to create stunning bridal bouquets and arrangements but to help you accentuate your florals with shimmering metallic details.
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Best Orchid Bridal Bouquets


There are many choices to be made when planning a wedding, and which flowers you will choose is one of the most important. After the bride and her dress, the flowers are often the most noticed, and the most commented on aspects of the wedding. That is why that many brides choose elegant and stunning orchid bridal bouquets and venue decor. Orchids represent love, luxury, beauty and strength – is there a more perfect floral for your wedding?

orchid bridal bouquetsOrchids occur in such an amazing array of styles and colors that they are easy to incorporate into any color palette and style of celebration. Whether the broad, wing-like structure of the phalaenopsis, the delicate presentation of the dendrobium or the bold colors and patterns of the cymbidium – there is an orchid suitable for every bride and every budget. Because orchids stand beautifully on their own or blend perfectly with roses, lilies, peonies, hydrangea and more, you can choose your level of orchid elegance.

Orchids are highly decorative, and as such are the perfect choice not only for personal flowers, but for aisle decor, boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces and cake garnish. As a matter of fact, a cascading waterfall of orchids is a striking aesthetic from the bridal bouquet to the wedding cake and ties the entire day together perfectly.

When considering orchid bridal bouquets, your first call should be to Gordon Boswell’s wedding planning experts. Our floral designers dedicating to making your vision come to life for your wedding day, no matter your budget. We will take your inspiration photos, listen to your desires, show you examples and alternatives if necessary and create wedding flowers that will astound and delight.  With hundreds of Fort Worth and Benbrook area weddings in our portfolio, you are in great hands. And when choosing orchids, you really cannot go wrong!

Come see Gordon Boswell at the Star-Telegram Bridal Show, Sunday, August 14, 2016 at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth! We would love to meet you!

Traditional Roles of the Mother of the Bride

mother rolesFrom the bridal shower to the rehearsal dinner, Moms play an integral role in the planning of their child’s wedding. Both the Mother-of-the-Bride and the Mother-of-the-Groom have traditional duties to perform, and it is important to make sure everyone knows their expected responsibilities so that the day goes off with as little stress as possible.

Traditionally the bride’s family pays for the wedding, but many are moving away from that custom. Still, if the parents of the bride are paying for the day, the mother-of-the-bride may have more say as to the details of the day. Regardless, she is most often the go-to contact for vendors, from photographers to caterers to florists. Let Mom field the phone calls, make the smaller decisions and answer the easy questions – not to mention consolidate the larger issues – so that the couple is not inundated with calls.

Sentimental Tip – Give Mom a beautiful journal with creative ideas and inspirational quotes or personal notes; not only will she be organized, but she will have a keepsake.

The mother of the bride also traditionally collects and curates any family traditions or rituals that may be important to incorporate. She is expected to take advice from the bride as to color and style of dress, and once chosen, she should coordinate with the groom’s mother, so the style of the day is cohesive. Speaking of the mother of the groom, she has a few traditional roles as well. Once the engagement is announced, it is customary for the groom’s parent to call the bride’s parents to arrange a dinner to get to know each other, as well as to discuss the wedding. On the eve of the wedding, it is also generally left to the Mother of the Groom to hostess a party, although the details are completely up to them. Given that the wedding day is filled with formal traditions and toasts, this wedding eve dinner is a great opportunity for fun, lighthearted tributes and for many of the couple’s friends and family to have a say.

Once you have met with Gordon Boswell’s and chosen your florals, Mom can be the main point of contact, to help choose the bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages; as well as to help design the centerpieces, aisle arrangements, and flowers on the cake. We look forward to meeting you – and your Mother – to help plan your very own special wedding day.

Facts & Myths – Strange Wedding Traditions

wedding traditionsFrom choosing your dress to cutting the cake, weddings are are full of tradition. Whether the custom originated in superstition, romance or in some cases, survival – many modern day couples still find it hard to “break tradition”. Interestingly, the reasons behind some of our most cherished engagement and wedding customs are sometimes stranger than fiction.

In contemporary culture, the trend is to conceive of more and more creative proposals; however the job of asking a bride-to-be for her hand in marriage wasn’t always placed on the groom. Instead, he would dispatch a member of his family to ask his intended bride and her family if they would agree to a marriage. Along the way, significant things could occur – if they crossed paths with a monk, a blind man or a pregnant woman, the marriage was thought to be cursed and destined to fail – and they would turn around and go home. However, if on the road they encountered a goat, pigeon or wolf, the marriage was considered to be blessed.

The choice of your wedding date was significant as well. It was considered to be bad luck to be married on your birthday, or on a Friday or Saturday. Oddly enough, Wednesday was considered the most favorable day to tie the knot. Speaking of tying the knot, that phrase comes from an ancient Babylonian ceremony. A thread was taken from the groom’s garment, and another from the bride’s – the two threads were tied together to symbolize the union. The phrase has successfully lasted through centuries.

Of course, flowers have always been an integral part of most important ceremonies, whether for their meaning or simply for décor. At Gordon Boswell Flowers, we have helped countless Fort Worth couples design the florals for the wedding of their dreams – bridal bouquets, altar flowers, venue décor and floral centerpieces, we create them all with diligence, creativity and skill. Call us today, and start your own wedding traditions.

Beat the Heat- Texas Summer Weddings

summer weddingsWhen planning a summer wedding in Texas, keeping your guests cool is likely a top priority. As one of Fort Worth’s most popular wedding florists, Gordon Boswell has designed the bridal bouquets, centerpieces and floral arrangements for countless warm weather ceremonies.

summer weddingsWhile choosing your favorite flower might be your first inclination for your bouquets and venue décor, you may wish to consider that certain flowers hold up far better in the summer heat. Orchids, roses and calla lilies are known to florists as the best options for summer bouquets; the lesser known, vivid celosias and lisianthus blooms are also very hardy, and add exceptional color to your arrangements. Another creative touch that adds heat-resistant beauty to your arrangements are non-traditional greens, such as olive branches, eucalyptus leaves and succulents.


The bouquets should be kept in water until the very last minute; venue flowers, ceremony and altar flowers and personal arrangements can be presented in stunning vases which will keep them hydrated throughout the day. For outdoor centerpieces, bubble bowls filled with water and submerged blooms provide beauty without fear of wilting.

summer weddingsExpert Tip: When expecting temperatures as high as the mid- 90’s, you may wish to plan the festivities for early morning or late evening. When doing so, you’ll want to also keep in mind the sun’ s position, so that your guests are not seated staring into the rising or setting sun.


For the most beautiful flowers that will outlast the heat and humidity of Fort Worth summers, contact Gordon Boswell’s for suggestions and inspiration. Adorn your celebration with striking floral bouquets as fresh as the outdoor air. We look forward to helping you plan the wedding ceremony of the summer!

Tall Wedding Centerpieces for 2016

wedding centerpiecesOne of the more fun aspects of wedding planning is the fact that all celebrations are highly personal in nature; whether your style is minimal or extravagant, the design is up to you. Along with the venue, flowers play a large role in setting the tone for the day; once you decide on the ambiance and theme, the right floral arrangement can go a long way to bringing your vision to life.


Flowers have an unspoken meaning and symbolism; they have also come to represent certain feelings and events. When we see red roses we think of romance; when we see sunflowers we think of a country farm house. Another way that flowers can help to set the mood is by their design and arrangement. One of the hot trends this year in wedding planning, for instance, is that of tall centerpieces. Whether in soaring vases, or elevated on creative platforms – centerpieces are climbing to new heights.

wedding centerpieces

This bride and groom chose centerpieces in the popular green and purple color palette; hydrangeas and roses are raised off the table on a cylindrical platform and the addition of slender calla lily stalks add a statuesque element. This elongated floral arrangement adds elegance and sophistication to the venue décor.

wedding centerpieces

Vibrant wildflowers positioned high above the place settings of your guests can be a wonderful use of immense space. If your venue has a high ceiling and there is abundant space above the celebration, these arrangements do a wonderful job of drawing the eye up and filling empty space with beauty and color.


When it is time to choose wedding flowers for your Fort Worth wedding, consult with Gordon Boswell Flowers for everything from bridal bouquets to centerpieces. If you love the trend of tall centerpieces, we have ideas and examples- but if you have a completely different idea for your floral arrangements, we have years of wedding inspiration to draw from. We look forward to making your wedding a memorable event that represents you, perfectly and beautifully.

Gordon Boswell’s Favorite Wedding Flowers of 2015

wedding flowersAfter all the amazing weddings of 2015, we are looking forward to meeting the newly engaged couples planning a wedding ceremony in the coming 12 months. At Gordon Boswell Flowers, we are committed to creating innovative floral designs that will make your ceremony and reception unique and memorable.


To give you some inspiration, we’d like to present some of our favorite wedding flowers from weddings past – these centerpieces and venue decorations prove that flowers can beautifully transform any location and create the ambiance you desire for your celebration.

wedding flowers

The deep blues and serene greens of this statuesque arrangement set the stage, while the soaring glass, roses and calla lilies added an air of sophistication.

wedding flowers

Simplicity and elegance combined to make this gorgeous centerpiece of floating pink roses and green stems; which not only adorned the table, but provided a versatile gift for a guest to take home.

wedding flowers

This impressive many-hued display of wildflowers overflowed with tulips, lilies, roses and hydrangea, surrounded by still more flowers from the field. The abundant arrangement embodied the beauty of an flowering meadow, and gave the appearance of a fresh picked, spontaneous bouquet.

wedding flowers

Autumn brides have the option of the richest, warmest color palettes, utilizing seasonal reds, oranges and yellows in brilliant displays. Fall asters, daisies and calla lilies shine like an autumn sunset and bring a cozy ambiance to any setting.


As you plan to make arrangements for your wedding venue, cake, music, and dresses, don’t wait too long to come in to speak to Gordon Boswell Flowers of Fort Worth for your bouquets, centerpieces and altar flowers. We will work with you to choose floral designs that enhance and accentuate your setting. Next year, we’d love to post your photos – let’s get to work planning a wedding!

How to Start Planning Your Wedding After Your New Year’s Eve Engagement

new year's engagementNew Year’s Eve is the most popular night of the year for couples to get engaged. If you’re a newly engaged couple, first of all, the Gordon Boswell family would like to congratulate you. This is an important time in your lives as a couple. Now you can begin to have fun as you plan your wedding. It’s important to get a head start on planning what will arguably be the most important day of your lives.


Are You Inspired by a Theme?


Many couples draw inspiration for their wedding design, decor and flowers from a theme. The theme can relate to anything that’s significant to you as a couple. You can also choose a color scheme for your wedding after coming up with a theme. The color scheme will help you as you look for invitations, linens for the reception, dresses for the bridal party, flowers for everything from the bridal party bouquets, to the groom and groomsmen boutonnieres, corsages for the bride and groom’s mothers, ceremony and reception flowers, and the bridal bouquet.


Where to Look for Color Inspiration


If you’re uncertain about choosing a color scheme, look to the color experts at Pantone. Pantone’s color experts picked a gender neutral palette for the Spring 2016 color scheme. They choose colors that are bright and vivid in the hope that the colors could elicit a feeling of optimism in people. The colors are used in fashion design, in textile design, and for floral design.


If you’re looking for vivid colors for a table centerpiece, consider our Heart’s Desire arrangement. This delightful design comes in a Mercury glass vase. We combine ranunculus, carnations, and roses in contrasting shades of bright red and deep pink.


The name can be misleading. Don’t let the fact that the arrangement is called Thankful for You discourage you or prevent you from seeing the flower and color combination as a suitable choice for a wedding centerpiece, or for floral arrangements in the ceremony area. The combination of yellow, orange and pink flowers includes Gerbera daisies, pincushion protea, roses, lilies, and Bells of Ireland. You get the feeling that these flowers are smiling at you.


Our Purple Cluster arrangement packs a lot of colorful punch into a small display. Purple roses, hydrangeas, statice and green button mums make this design a warm, rich and gender neutral choice. It’s suitable for any season.


No matter what you are looking for when it comes to your wedding design, you can count our experienced wedding consultants and floral designers to help you create the wedding you’ve always dreamed of having. Our attention to detail will ensure that your day exceeds anything you ever dreamed of for your wedding.