Facts & Myths – Strange Wedding Traditions

wedding traditionsFrom choosing your dress to cutting the cake, weddings are are full of tradition. Whether the custom originated in superstition, romance or in some cases, survival – many modern day couples still find it hard to “break tradition”. Interestingly, the reasons behind some of our most cherished engagement and wedding customs are sometimes stranger than fiction.

In contemporary culture, the trend is to conceive of more and more creative proposals; however the job of asking a bride-to-be for her hand in marriage wasn’t always placed on the groom. Instead, he would dispatch a member of his family to ask his intended bride and her family if they would agree to a marriage. Along the way, significant things could occur – if they crossed paths with a monk, a blind man or a pregnant woman, the marriage was thought to be cursed and destined to fail – and they would turn around and go home. However, if on the road they encountered a goat, pigeon or wolf, the marriage was considered to be blessed.

The choice of your wedding date was significant as well. It was considered to be bad luck to be married on your birthday, or on a Friday or Saturday. Oddly enough, Wednesday was considered the most favorable day to tie the knot. Speaking of tying the knot, that phrase comes from an ancient Babylonian ceremony. A thread was taken from the groom’s garment, and another from the bride’s – the two threads were tied together to symbolize the union. The phrase has successfully lasted through centuries.

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