Tall Wedding Centerpieces for 2016

wedding centerpiecesOne of the more fun aspects of wedding planning is the fact that all celebrations are highly personal in nature; whether your style is minimal or extravagant, the design is up to you. Along with the venue, flowers play a large role in setting the tone for the day; once you decide on the ambiance and theme, the right floral arrangement can go a long way to bringing your vision to life.


Flowers have an unspoken meaning and symbolism; they have also come to represent certain feelings and events. When we see red roses we think of romance; when we see sunflowers we think of a country farm house. Another way that flowers can help to set the mood is by their design and arrangement. One of the hot trends this year in wedding planning, for instance, is that of tall centerpieces. Whether in soaring vases, or elevated on creative platforms – centerpieces are climbing to new heights.

wedding centerpieces

This bride and groom chose centerpieces in the popular green and purple color palette; hydrangeas and roses are raised off the table on a cylindrical platform and the addition of slender calla lily stalks add a statuesque element. This elongated floral arrangement adds elegance and sophistication to the venue décor.

wedding centerpieces

Vibrant wildflowers positioned high above the place settings of your guests can be a wonderful use of immense space. If your venue has a high ceiling and there is abundant space above the celebration, these arrangements do a wonderful job of drawing the eye up and filling empty space with beauty and color.


When it is time to choose wedding flowers for your Fort Worth wedding, consult with Gordon Boswell Flowers for everything from bridal bouquets to centerpieces. If you love the trend of tall centerpieces, we have ideas and examples- but if you have a completely different idea for your floral arrangements, we have years of wedding inspiration to draw from. We look forward to making your wedding a memorable event that represents you, perfectly and beautifully.