Tall Wedding Centerpieces for 2016

wedding centerpiecesOne of the more fun aspects of wedding planning is the fact that all celebrations are highly personal in nature; whether your style is minimal or extravagant, the design is up to you. Along with the venue, flowers play a large role in setting the tone for the day; once you decide on the ambiance and theme, the right floral arrangement can go a long way to bringing your vision to life.


Flowers have an unspoken meaning and symbolism; they have also come to represent certain feelings and events. When we see red roses we think of romance; when we see sunflowers we think of a country farm house. Another way that flowers can help to set the mood is by their design and arrangement. One of the hot trends this year in wedding planning, for instance, is that of tall centerpieces. Whether in soaring vases, or elevated on creative platforms – centerpieces are climbing to new heights.

wedding centerpieces

This bride and groom chose centerpieces in the popular green and purple color palette; hydrangeas and roses are raised off the table on a cylindrical platform and the addition of slender calla lily stalks add a statuesque element. This elongated floral arrangement adds elegance and sophistication to the venue décor.

wedding centerpieces

Vibrant wildflowers positioned high above the place settings of your guests can be a wonderful use of immense space. If your venue has a high ceiling and there is abundant space above the celebration, these arrangements do a wonderful job of drawing the eye up and filling empty space with beauty and color.


When it is time to choose wedding flowers for your Fort Worth wedding, consult with Gordon Boswell Flowers for everything from bridal bouquets to centerpieces. If you love the trend of tall centerpieces, we have ideas and examples- but if you have a completely different idea for your floral arrangements, we have years of wedding inspiration to draw from. We look forward to making your wedding a memorable event that represents you, perfectly and beautifully.

Gordon Boswell’s Favorite Wedding Flowers of 2015

wedding flowersAfter all the amazing weddings of 2015, we are looking forward to meeting the newly engaged couples planning a wedding ceremony in the coming 12 months. At Gordon Boswell Flowers, we are committed to creating innovative floral designs that will make your ceremony and reception unique and memorable.


To give you some inspiration, we’d like to present some of our favorite wedding flowers from weddings past – these centerpieces and venue decorations prove that flowers can beautifully transform any location and create the ambiance you desire for your celebration.

wedding flowers

The deep blues and serene greens of this statuesque arrangement set the stage, while the soaring glass, roses and calla lilies added an air of sophistication.

wedding flowers

Simplicity and elegance combined to make this gorgeous centerpiece of floating pink roses and green stems; which not only adorned the table, but provided a versatile gift for a guest to take home.

wedding flowers

This impressive many-hued display of wildflowers overflowed with tulips, lilies, roses and hydrangea, surrounded by still more flowers from the field. The abundant arrangement embodied the beauty of an flowering meadow, and gave the appearance of a fresh picked, spontaneous bouquet.

wedding flowers

Autumn brides have the option of the richest, warmest color palettes, utilizing seasonal reds, oranges and yellows in brilliant displays. Fall asters, daisies and calla lilies shine like an autumn sunset and bring a cozy ambiance to any setting.


As you plan to make arrangements for your wedding venue, cake, music, and dresses, don’t wait too long to come in to speak to Gordon Boswell Flowers of Fort Worth for your bouquets, centerpieces and altar flowers. We will work with you to choose floral designs that enhance and accentuate your setting. Next year, we’d love to post your photos – let’s get to work planning a wedding!

How to Start Planning Your Wedding After Your New Year’s Eve Engagement

new year's engagementNew Year’s Eve is the most popular night of the year for couples to get engaged. If you’re a newly engaged couple, first of all, the Gordon Boswell family would like to congratulate you. This is an important time in your lives as a couple. Now you can begin to have fun as you plan your wedding. It’s important to get a head start on planning what will arguably be the most important day of your lives.


Are You Inspired by a Theme?


Many couples draw inspiration for their wedding design, decor and flowers from a theme. The theme can relate to anything that’s significant to you as a couple. You can also choose a color scheme for your wedding after coming up with a theme. The color scheme will help you as you look for invitations, linens for the reception, dresses for the bridal party, flowers for everything from the bridal party bouquets, to the groom and groomsmen boutonnieres, corsages for the bride and groom’s mothers, ceremony and reception flowers, and the bridal bouquet.


Where to Look for Color Inspiration


If you’re uncertain about choosing a color scheme, look to the color experts at Pantone. Pantone’s color experts picked a gender neutral palette for the Spring 2016 color scheme. They choose colors that are bright and vivid in the hope that the colors could elicit a feeling of optimism in people. The colors are used in fashion design, in textile design, and for floral design.


If you’re looking for vivid colors for a table centerpiece, consider our Heart’s Desire arrangement. This delightful design comes in a Mercury glass vase. We combine ranunculus, carnations, and roses in contrasting shades of bright red and deep pink.


The name can be misleading. Don’t let the fact that the arrangement is called Thankful for You discourage you or prevent you from seeing the flower and color combination as a suitable choice for a wedding centerpiece, or for floral arrangements in the ceremony area. The combination of yellow, orange and pink flowers includes Gerbera daisies, pincushion protea, roses, lilies, and Bells of Ireland. You get the feeling that these flowers are smiling at you.


Our Purple Cluster arrangement packs a lot of colorful punch into a small display. Purple roses, hydrangeas, statice and green button mums make this design a warm, rich and gender neutral choice. It’s suitable for any season.


No matter what you are looking for when it comes to your wedding design, you can count our experienced wedding consultants and floral designers to help you create the wedding you’ve always dreamed of having. Our attention to detail will ensure that your day exceeds anything you ever dreamed of for your wedding.



Winter Wedding Decorations

winter weddingIt is one of the most important days in your life and you want everything to be as perfect as possible. If you are planning to tie the knot during the winter months, it would be a fantastic idea to decorate reflecting the beauty and spirit of the season.

Winter wedding decorations can be interwoven throughout the entire ceremony in the form of archways, tablescapes, centerpieces and cake decorations. Below we have listed a few suggestions on how to make the most of our floral ornamentations.

The Traditional White design are clusters of delicate off-white blooms displayed in fashionable glass vases, which would make lovely centerpieces placed upon single guest tables or in a linear pattern down the center of a primary table at the reception.

You can leave the cake designing to us because you have other important matters to consider. Elegantly simplicity describes this ivory-hued Mouthwatering Cake, which features a decorative slender band at the base. Whether used as a bridecake or reserved for the guest, this dessert will satisfy everyone who has a sweet tooth.

You cannot go wrong with the Rustic Arch decorated with soft white hydrangeas, baby’s breath and an abundance of lush greenery with other flora included. You can place it over the entrance of the doorway that welcomes guest, or utilize it as a backdrop as you and your loved one make pledges to each other. You will make a good impression on your guests with this captivating piece of artwork.

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We know planning a wedding can be extremely stressful; our friendly and knowledgeable consultants can customize the ceremony to your requirements. We are specialists who are able to function within various locales such as centers of worship, resorts, ballrooms, and outdoor settings.

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Ideas for Using Chrysanthemums in Your Fall Wedding Floral Arrangements

chrysanthemumWe love everything about the fall in Texas. Naturally, for the entire Gordon Boswell team, flowers are what we love the most. Autumn in Fort Worth isn’t like the Autumn that people experience in the northern part of the country. We’re enjoying warm weather and the sunshine while everywhere else, the crisp air forces people to wear heavy sweaters or jackets. We think that October and November are the ideal months for outdoor Texas weddings. We’re passionate about the earthy colors that are synonymous with everything about the season – especially the flowers.


The chrysanthemum is always a flower that people associate with fall. Many Fort Worth residents plant mums in their yards or gardens or place them in pots on their decks, porches, or patios. The mums that are sold in garden centers are different from the mums that florists sell.


The noted wedding website The Knot suggested that brides consider using Chrysanthemums in their bridal bouquets if they are getting married during the fall season. If you are having a somewhat casual wedding in an outdoor setting, the simplicity of a bouquet that combines earthy-colored mums with white daisies won’t take attention away from the venue. The combination of mums and daisies is perfect if you are planning a Bohemian-themed wedding.


If you’re planning to get married in the fall, we’ve got some fabulous ideas that will inspire you to use chrysanthemums in your floral designs for the ceremony and your reception.


One arrangement that would look beautiful on tables at your reception on the tables in your cocktail area is the Autumn Harvest. This lovely design captures the feeling of the season with earthy colored flowers, including Fuji mums, two-tone daisies, delicate wax flowers, and hypericum berries. We add an accent of fall leaves, adding texture to a delightful floral design that oozes with seasonal elegance.


Another arrangement that captures the harvest feeling of autumn is our Fall Harvest Cornucopia design. We start with a cornucopia basket and then add a variety of rich fall-colored flowers. We include giant sunflowers, orange Asiatic lilies, butterscotch-colored chrysanthemums, red roses, burgundy carnations and orange mini carnations. The final accents for this quintessential harvest-themed centerpiece are sprigs of lush greenery and glycerine-treated oak leaves.


We think that our Harvest Home floral design is not just an arrangement that looks spectacular on a table. We believe that this concept can easily be transformed into a magnificent bridal bouquet. It combines rustic and sophisticated elements to create a winning combination of seasonal flowers. We used gigantic sunflowers, sprigs of golden yarrow, roses, mums in quintessential fall colors, safflowers, and finally, stems of bittersweet berries.


Planning Your Vintage Themed Wedding

vintage weddingPlanning a wedding can as exciting as it is daunting. While it should be a fun collaboration between a couple and their families who may be paying for it, it can turn into something horrible very quickly. The best way to avoid a disaster is by making sure you have the best and most experienced team to help you with all the details. When you turn to Gordon Boswell to help you create the wedding of your dreams, you get the benefit of a team of floral experts who have been handling weddings for people in Fort Worth for many years.


Regardless of what you choose for your wedding’s theme, you can rest assured that our attention to all the details will make your wedding, an event that everyone will remember.


It’s easy to see why vintage-themed weddings are becoming more popular. For our Texas couples, it gives them the chance to embrace some of the traditional rustic lodge/western, ranch décors and combine that with a casual home-like outdoor or indoor event. It works well with many event spaces in the area.


Rustic Ceremony Décor


Our example here is a Rustic Ceremony Arch. We think this captures the vintage theme very well because the focal flower is a hydrangea. These large flowers work perfectly with the accents of smaller cascading white and green flowers and baby’s breath. The foliage that fills the flowers out helps to give this decoration a touch of elegance.


Decorate the Mantel

If you’re getting married in a place where there is a fireplace, treat it as a focal point. People will naturally be drawn to it, so draping the fireplace with a floral garland will give your venue a warmer, somewhat old-fashioned intimate feeling. Choose flowers and flower colors that fit with the color scheme of your wedding. Add accents like baby’s breath or wax flowers to drive the vintage theme home.


Using the Vintage Theme in Your Reception Décor


When it comes to reception décor, there’s more to think about than the what flowers to use for centerpieces. The right container for flowers can make a difference. It may look like a tall silver candelabra, but we used it for the flower centerpieces to drive home the theme.


Don’t Neglect the Cake


A silver cake platter is a lovely way use vintage elements appropriately. The addition of roses and rose petals around the cake platter and all over the table will give the cake area a luxuriously romantic feeling.


Ideas for Adding Greenery to Your Wedding

A wedding is one of the most important events in anyone’s life. It’s an occasion that brings people together. No matter how big or small your wedding is, when push comes to shove, it’s all about the details. When you want to make sure that nothing is forgotten, you need a team of experienced wedding consultants and wedding planners. You want a team that shares your values.

wedding greenery

At Gordon Boswell, “our core values of integrity, responsibility, competence, and community service define everything we do.” You can always count on us for complete perfection in everything we do. We don’t miss a heartbeat when it comes to making sure that every detail is taken care of so you don’t have to worry about last minute glitches.


One of the hottest trends for 2015 weddings is the use of greenery. Some folks may think that you have to forego flowers to use greenery, but we believe there’s no reason why you can’t use greenery with flowers. We thought we’d share some unique ideas with you so you can see some of the fun and interesting possibilities for incorporating green into your wedding flowers and overall décor.


Use Greenery in a Floral Arch


This year, it seems that rustic, Western-themed weddings are very popular, and that’s a super fitting theme for Texas weddings. Despite the seemingly casual flavor of a rustic wedding, there’s no reason that elegance can’t be part of the rustic theme. We created a Rustic Arch that combines greenery in the form of foliage and some green flowers. The large scale of this arch is perfect for any Texas-size wedding.

wedding greenery

Add Greenery to a Cascading Bouquet

As proof that greenery is just as appropriate in a formal wedding as it is in a rustic one, we’ve chosen one of our spectacular cascading bouquets as an example of how touches of greenery can really add to the WOW factor of this elegant cascading bouquet. We incorporated some ivy vines to give a bit of contrast to an otherwise nearly monochromatic bouquet. We add texture with some blades of variegated ornamental grass. The result is an elegant, sophisticated, and more interesting formal bridal bouquet.


Green is Gorgeous in Floral Arrangements


You can add greenery to any aspect of the floral design for your wedding. Our Gorgeous Green arrangement is a perfect example of how we can incorporate greenery into the floral centerpieces for the reception and do it with elegance. We added some lace for texture and pink for variation by draping ribbons from the base of the flowers so they hang down around the vase.

wedding greenery

Pink in Your Wedding

pink weddingYou have a million details to think about for your wedding, and one of the first decisions you’ll make will be the colors you’ll use for your flowers, decorations, and the clothing and accessories worn by the wedding party. Weddings come in all sorts of color schemes, and a wedding that features pink offers a beautifully romantic experience for everyone involved.

What Does it Mean to Use Pink in Your Wedding?

As you may know, colors have come to symbolize all sorts of sentiments from love and devotion to excitement and innocence. The color pink is a beautiful color, but it’s also deeply filled with the meaning of romance and passion. A positive and inspiring color, pink will envelope and welcome the guests at your wedding whether you’re having a wedding in a tropical garden or inside the family church.

Imagine the passion of a bouquet of deep pink roses and matching gerbera daisies or a cascading bouquet in fairytale pink that seems to sparkle in the sunshine. The wonderful thing about choosing pink for your wedding is that you’re not just getting a single shade. Pink is one of the most versatile and meaningful colors in the world of wedding flowers.

How to Feature Pink in Your Wedding

You have a few choices for including pink in your wedding. The shade can act as the primary color in your nuptials and the events surrounding your wedding, or it can show up as an accent color in features like your wedding cake frosting and the wedding party’s bouquets.

Bright pink choices for your wedding include magenta, fuchsia, and ultra pink. Dark and passionate shades of pink include those that are so dark they almost look red or purple. You might think about deep pink or cerise.

If you choose pink as an accent color, there are many places where this romantic shade can appear. You might think about a cake with white icing that features roses made of pink icing, or you may want to include a few pink roses in each bouquet. The women in the wedding party can wear pink flowers in their hair, and the men can wear boutonnieres with a hint of pink alongside your main colors.

Imagine the flowers you receive from Trias Events in shades like blush, pale pink, and rose. Make a statement with a contemporary bouquet full of pink roses or centerpieces in shades of pink, ivory, and pale green. There’s no better way to showcase love and romance at your wedding than with gorgeous pink in all its beautiful shades.


Picking the Perfect Flowers for Your Fall Wedding

fall weddingAt your fall wedding, will you use the colors of the season like orange, red, and yellow for your centerpieces, table accents, and bouquets, or will you try something adventurous like vintage browns, dark leafy greens, and bold eggplant? With Gordon Boswell as your wedding flower partner, you’ll be able to choose every petal down to the smallest detail to make sure your wedding looks exactly as you want.

Try These Beautiful Fall Wedding Trends

Brides this year are branching out from colors that mimic the orangey hues of changing trees and adding surprising colors like white to their bouquets. Why choose white flowers? Well, the color white helps make those autumn colors pop and stand out, particular when you’re using vibrantly dark pink lilies and delicious orange roses that look so beautiful you could practically serve them as an entrée!

fall wedding

Another beautiful trend this year features the use of sprigs of greenery that aren’t green anymore and have turned into perfect colors like light brown and dusky gray. Imagine a beautifully large centerpiece with dark pink oriental lilies and orange roses, surrounded by fall-hued sprigs and stems.

One trend that’s influencing the entire appearance of the ceremony and reception is the use of warm, rustic lanterns. These creative hanging lights may feature tassels or beads in autumn colors, as well as golden and orange candles placed around the tables or in wall sconces.

What Fall Flowers Should I Choose?

Saying goodbye to the summer doesn’t mean saying goodbye to all the flowers, too. There are some amazing color combinations and flowers that are perfect for fall weddings like centerpieces of pink roses, yellow sunflowers, and red berries.

fall wedding

One creative way to display your flowers at your reception is to place small bowls of floating candles and sunflowers around trendy little martini glasses that your guests can use to get caramel appletinis in a perfectly golden fall hue.

Even if your wedding lands on an unseasonably warm day and it doesn’t feel anything like fall, using the bright colors of autumn, such as flowers in red and orange, will help your guests remember they’re at a fall wedding. Other beautiful color combinations you might consider include gold, taupe and chocolate or sage, auburn, and bronze.

fall wedding

Autumn weddings are beautiful whether you’re getting married just as summer ends at the fall equinox or close to Thanksgiving when the temperatures are a little crisper in November.


How to Decorate for Outdoor Weddings

Spring and summer are the time when flowers outdoors bloom in full force. This is also the time when romance blooms, and many brides start planning their ceremonies. As they try to take advantage of the beauty of the outdoor flowers, many brides will opt for an outdoor wedding. If you are taking your wedding outdoors, here are some ideas to consider for your decor.

Decorate with Wildflowers

Outdoor weddings are the perfect time to bring wildflowers into the decorating scheme. Wreaths for hair made from fresh cut wildflowers, wildflower bouquets adorning the table and even in the hands of the bride and bridesmaids will give the wedding a fresh, organic feel. With the help of Gordon Boswell Flowers, you can carefully plan this look so that it comes together beautifully, without feeling as though the arrangements were planned.

outdoor wedding

Floating Flowers on Water Features

Does your outdoor venue have a pool, fountain or pond? Consider arranging flowers on floating arrangements with candles to light up the space and add some color to the water feature. This will help tie it into the ceremony and make it a true asset to the space. Bring the look together by adding bowls with floating flowers to the tables at the reception area.

outdoor wedding

Ivy and Flower Runners on Tables

If your outdoor ceremony includes an outdoor reception, decorate the table with a string of flowers and ivy running down the center. Instead of a large centipede, which can block the view of guests or limit you to circular tables, you can ensure all guests enjoy the beauty of your decor while also ensuring you can use any type of table, including picnic tables, at your reception.

Embracing Green

Many outdoor venues are filled with natural greenery. Brides can embrace that by making the main color of their flowers and decor green as well. Greenery mixed with brilliant white roses and hydrangeas creates an organic, natural feel while still providing an elegant look for an outdoor wedding.

outdoor wedding

As you plan your outdoor wedding, make sure you have the right team of florists helping with the process. Gordon Boswell Flowershas a team of skilled florists ready to assist you in planning a stunning outdoor event. Contact us today to discuss your inspiration.